Bank Account Related Queries

You can add/change the bank account linked to your Navjeevan trading and demat account through an offline procedure. Here is the procedure:

Please fill out the attached ‘Account Details Modification Deletion Form’. Once you are done, send us a scanned copy of the duly filled and signed form. You will also need to send us a cancelled cheque copy.

Remember to clearly mention whether you would like to add a secondary bank account or change the primary bank. To change the bank account linked to your trading account – Equity and demat account, you will need to tick on ‘Navjeevan Equity Broking Pvt. Ltd.’. To change the bank account linked to your trading account – Commodity, you will need to tick on ‘Navjeevan Trade & Commodities Pvt. Ltd.’.

To change your bank account details, go to Re-KYC Portal.

Enter client code and you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number and email address.

You will be asked to change your personal details. If you do not wish to change then click on Next.

Click on Add Bank. Enter your bank details and click on Next.

Once you have changed your bank, click on Next. It will ask you to add segments and update your income. If you wish to add segment, click on the tick box next to the segment you wish to enable, otherwise just fill in the income type and click on Submit. You will now be asked to e-sign.

Yes, you can link multiple bank accounts to your trading account. Out of the multiple linked, one will be your primary account and the rest would be considered as secondary accounts.

A primary account enables you to add and withdraw money in your trading account. Secondary accounts, on the other hand, only enable you to add money to your trading account. This means you will not be able to withdraw money using a secondary account.

No, you can only link one bank account to your Demat Account. If you want, you can change the previous bank account with a new bank account.

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