Holding, Order & Position

If you have given us Power of Attorney (POA), you can sell your shares following the steps mentioned below.

  • On the Arrow Mobile Application, click on 'Portfolio'
  • You can now select the shares that you want to sell from here.
  • On the Arrow Web, click on Stock View. You can now select the shares you wish to sell.

If you haven't given us the POA, you will be able to sell your shares after giving us authorization through e-DIS. To understand the process, please click here.

There are many reasons for which your order might be getting rejected. Here are some of the following: -

  • Insufficient Margin
  • Incorrect use of order type
  • Stock group change
  • Scrip not available for trading

If you are facing a problem with not able to figure out the problem, then do call us on 0141-3522720 or email us on trade@navjeevanbroking.com. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible

You can sell your shares by either giving us the Power of Attorney (POA) form or use CDSL Tpin to sell shares from your account

By giving us the Power of Attorney, you give us the right to debit your shares from your demat account whenever you sell your shares.

You have to fill the form, sign and courier it to us at our head office.

It is up to you to choose the way in which you want sell your shares from your demat account

The market depth screen is where you can see the best 5 bids and offers/asks for a particular instrument.

On the Navjeevan Web Traders, press ‘F6’. It gives you a visual overview of what levels most orders are being placed.

On the Navjeevan Mobile App, you click onto the scrip and again click on 'Get Quotes'. Here you will be able to see the Market Depth

To add futures of a particular script, type in the scrip name in the universal search bar followed by a space and then the month of the contract.

Ex – If you want to add Bank Nifty May Futures, type “bank nifty may fut” in the universal search bar.

To add monthly / weekly options contract of a particular scrip, type the trading symbol followed by the strike price. It will show you the list from where you can pick for different month.

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