Terms and Condition for Refer and Earn Scheme

All clients of Navjeevan shall be eligible to receive an incentive for referring friends/family and prospective clients at Navjeevan. Clients would earn upto 15% of all brokerage generated from referred clients, till such time Navjeevan continues to carry on this Referral Incentive Scheme if all the following conditions are met:
  • An act of being referred would include: the referred client should put Client's UCC in the "Referral Code" in the Personal Detail section.
  • This referral scheme will be activated only after referred client is activated within 30 days.
  • To begin earning incentives as per this scheme, an existing client shall have at least 3 Completed Referrals against his/her Client ID/trading account.
  • This referral scheme applies to referred clients who opt for Trade as you go Plan.
  • Referred Clients from one Client ID are not transferable to another Client ID in any way possible.
  • If your referred client already exists in the Navjeevan database as an existing client or potential client, it will not be considered as a valid referral.
  • All payouts made to such clients under this plan shall be post Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) which shall be as per Applicable Law.
  • No eligible amount shall be paid out to any client, in case the Client ID/trading account of the client has been closed/deactivated for any reason whatsoever.
  • All eligible amounts available for withdrawal will be deposited towards the Client's linked bank account which is in his/her own name and not in any other person's account.
  • The breakup of brokerage generated from each Completed Referral will not be shown to all referees/clients, and only a total of all brokerage generated from all Completed Referrals will be shown to clients/referees referring prospective clients under this Refer & Earn plan.
  • Navjeevan reserves the right to amend this offer and the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The decision of Navjeevan on all matters relating to or in connection with the use of this offer shall be final and binding on all parties concerned. The same shall be intimated to the clients through our website and on the registered email address.
I/We, having a trading account with Navjeevan Equity Broking Pvt. Ltd. and/or Navjeevan Trade & Commodities Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Navjeevan”) hereby agree to and declare the below points with respect to accepting any payment/incentives from Navjeevan, with respect to any referral bonus or marketing fee or incentives from Navjeevan:
  • I/We am/are not forbidden to do any business under the Rules, Bye-Laws and Regulations of National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) or any Recognized Stock Exchange as defined by SEBI;
  • I/We have read and understood all the terms, conditions, clauses of the NSE, BSE, and MCX with respect to the “Byelaws” of all the Exchanges, “incentives/referral schemes” rules, and rules with respect to marketing and incentives. I/We understand that by receiving referral incentives from Navjeevan, I/We and Navjeevan are both bound by the rules of the Exchanges;
  • I/We have read NSE Circular NSE/INSP/43029 dated December 26, 2019, and have clearly understood all the terms of the circular. Any dispute/grievance under this scheme cannot be referred to the Investor Grievance Panel at NSE and will be resolved between me and Navjeevan as stated in the abovementioned NSE Circular, and any such dispute should not be made public;
  • I/We are accepting this incentive from Navjeevan only for the referral of new clients/persons, and have not carried out any other activities, such as any financial advisory, inducing persons to use or trade/transact with Navjeevan, providing stock tips, managing portfolios etc;
  • I/We acknowledge that details of clients referred to by me/us, such as; contract notes, daily margin statement, statement of accounts, will not be sent to me/us from Navjeevan without the consent of the referred clients;
  • I/We have not, since being eligible to receive any payment/payout from Navjeevan, entered into any contracts or published any marketing material/advertisement acting as Navjeevan or act as a referral agent of Navjeevan without the explicit written permission of Navjeevan. I/We understand that publishing any marketing or advertisement material requires permission/intimation towards the Exchanges. I/We will not & have not publish/’ed any marketing material without the explicit permission of Navjeevan;
  • I/We have/will not post the affiliate link of my referral code on public forums without any context, and spam any such groups/platforms/pages on social media;
  • I/We hereby declare that, since being eligible to receive any incentives from Navjeevan, I/We are not an employee/referral partner/Introducer/Authorized Person/Sub broker of any other Trading Member (apart from Navjeevan) of any of the Exchanges. I/We also hereby declare that we are not a Trading Member on any of the Exchanges; and
  • I/We are not an employee of Navjeevan or any associate/group entity of Navjeevan, and I/We are not a relative of an employee of Navjeevan.
  • I/We hereby declare that the above information are true and correct, and if any information is found to be false and incorrect, Navjeevan will have the right to recover the entire amount received by me/us through whatever means Navjeevan deems proper.
  • I/We agree to indemnify Navjeevan and its Directors/agents/employees for any damages/claims that may arise from me/us deviating from the Rules/Bye-Laws of the Exchanges, and any terms, conditions, Policies & Procedures of Navjeevan.
  • I/We hereby declare that I/We have read, understood and agree to abide by this Policy, Navjeevan’s terms & conditions, privacy policy and policies & procedures on Navjeevan’s websites.
  • /We hereby understand this policy, along with these terms & conditions with respect to all incentives from Navjeevan, regarding referrals towards Navjeevan may be changed from time to time by Navjeevan, at the sole discretion of Navjeevan; or by the Exchanges. Therefore, at all times, I/We shall abide by the change in such Policies and Procedures of Navjeevan & Exchanges without any objections in the future.
  • I/We hereby understand that Navjeevan’s management reserves all rights to withhold any such incentives to any such referrer, at its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever.